Friday, October 17, 2008

Made with Fabriano Ingres handmade Italian paper

The brand of the paper we used to fold all the origami roses is Fabriano Ingres. It's handmade Italian paper, and you might recall that it took Daniel & I quite some time to find just the right shade of red and just the right texture of paper..

How cool is this?

"Ingres paper, also called fabriano ingres is the most elegant and equisite handmade paper from Italy. The paper is elegantly watermarked, mould made and acid free drawing paper with two deckled edges. The sheets are available in a spectrum of colors and a range of weights.

Each paper has a distinctive look with a rich appearance and an appealing effect. The paper features a soft laid surface. It is one of the popular handmade paper of Italy. The paper is mould made of lignin free cellulose."

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