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November 15, 2008

Daniel and I are now officially The Browns! Every detail of our wedding was worth it, and everyone we see now who came to the wedding tells us how much fun they had. I must say I am so relieved it is all over. It sure was fun planning, though! We have no regrets whatsoever!

All photos are copyright Dave Anderl Photography 2008, unless otherwise noted. There are many many more photographs, these are just a few of the highlights. The reception was so much fun, people didn't want to leave.

This is the center of our "guest book" quilt.

The Manor House, where the festivies all took place.

Daniel's boutinierre-all of the guys had one of these.

Our golden "B" seal on our programs! I did each and every one of these by hand, before putting them on each program with double sided tape.

My twin brother (the marine!) holding our program open. We made all of our programs, save the date postcards, invitations, menu cards, and every other stationary you can think of. It was soo much easier, cheaper, and personal than ordering the same thing everybody else does from invitation companies.

One of Daniel's coin cufflinks! I made these for him and all of the groomsmen, they were a big hit!

Georgia and Paige getting ready-Daniel's honor attendants/groomswomen and my bridesmaids. :) They are his sisters.

A closeup of one of our origami rose topiary centerpieces!

A shot of our "guest book" quilt, I picked out all the fabrics and helped design it, while Daniel's second cousin Mary Clare made it for us. She was so honored to make this for us. Every square ended up being filled with love and kind words from our friends and family.

I made these little packets of tissues and placed them on some chairs at the ceremony. They read "For your tears of joy." Each seat in the first rows had them.

Our rings with an origami rose.

My memory mantle-pictures of grandparents and parents on their wedding day or another significant time.

Me deciding if I'm ready to go-that expression means yes.

Coming down the stairs..

Hiding at the top of the stairs..

My dad walking me down the aisle. The lighting in the room was exactly like this.

Giving me away.

Our first kiss as a married couple.

Us sneaking up the stairs after the ceremony-photo taken by a guest.

Getting ready for the reception!

Look at my little nephew clapping!

Our cake-designed by me! Made by Cakes by Graham in Richmond, VA.

Part of the Jaws groomscake! I made it! (this is a figurine, though)

Cutting the cake-see Jaws? :D This picture was taken by a guest.

More of us cutting the cake, photo taken by a guest.

Tossing the bouquet (This was a bouquet I made specifically for tossing, of course I'm keeping mine!)

photo taken by a guest

Tossing the garter (again, a "toss" garter). Look at the guys reaching for it! & my brother's face is classic!

Dancing with Krystal-the coolest little girl I know! -photo taken by a guest (detail of my dress)

Lindsey caught the bouquet, Jerrod is Daniel's brother, he and Lindsey are engaged now! (he didn't catch the garter, though, another brother did, haha!)

Dancing-see my nails?

& a kiss.

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