Friday, January 14, 2011

On the Internets..

Our roses have been on the internets.


A lovely fellow bride named Jennifer from my days featured us on her blog here:

That same bride, also known as Mrs. Crabcake, wrote about us on here:

We were also on this blog about incorporating origami in weddings:

And, we were featured on this awesome blog, by Cristina from Italy:

Now it's time for me to share some of my photos!

The very first photo I shared on the internet to see what people thought of our origami wedding ideas:

Origami Rose Ball Topiaries

Here are most of our "origami rose ball topiary" centerpieces in "storage" before our wedding (actually, on top of the tv armoire):


Here is one of the "origami rose ball topiary" centerpiece at one of the tables during the wedding reception:


And another:


Here are the bouquets next to our wedding cake (mine is red, the girls' are cream):


You can also see the origami rose cake topper and the origami roses we put on the cake here:


A bridesmaid holding her origami rose bouquet:


Our rings and a single origami rose (we had a single origami rose at each place setting; they also served as mementos for our guests):


The origami rose boutonniere on the groom's tux (all the guys had one):


A closeup of my origami rose wedding bouquet during my bridal portraits:


Me and my origami rose bouquet during my bridal portrait shoot with Dave Anderl Photography (I love that I was able to use my real bouquet even though the photo shoot was weeks before our wedding day!):


A favorite shot of me from the bridal portrait shoot with my origami rose wedding bouquet:


If you have stumbled upon this blog and would like more information about the origami roses we made for our wedding, please contact me. I can be reached at


Shell said...

Your roses are beautiful! I also made origami roses for my wedding back in 2001. I'm currently making some for sister's wedding. What kind of paper do you use and where do you buy it? Thanks!

mrs. origami said...

Hi Shell! We used Italian paper, called fabriano ingrese, for our roses. We actually bought a huge ream of it at a local art store that was closing that year. The roses come out great in any type of paper, though, if you were wondering.