Monday, August 25, 2008

a perfect dress for his perfect bride

Saturday 8/23 was a road trip out to Lynchburg with Bonnie & Kristen. My mom & Natalie met us at the bridal shoppe for my appointment there.

The owner gathered my rehearsal dinner dress, shoes, bridal gown, & my mom's dress.
My mom tried her's on & she looked great in it, just the right color and everything. My brown rehearsal dinner dress was just right.

The shoppe owner unwrapped my dress and I dove into it. It fit perfectly. It weighed a ton, but it was so worth it.

I came out of the room & I should have taken a picture of everyone's faces-it was hilarious. Bonnie got pictures with her camera of me, but I wish I got pictures of them on the couch.

It seemed like a dream, though. I guess being engaged for such a long time (2 & a half years) makes it hard to believe this stuff is actually happening.

We have 82 days to go. Invitations are going out on September 15th, Daniel's 26th birthday. The RSVP deadline is October 15th. Payments will be due soon....and there are lots of little small things to get done but all the big stuff is taken care of. I reorganized all of my planning materials Saturday when I got's quite scary how organized I am now.

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