Tuesday, September 9, 2008

67 days to go

According to our theknot website at http://weddings.theknot.com/pwp/view/co_main.aspx?coupleid=3283501679672458, we have 67 days to go until our wedding.

Wedding color meanings (from paper source):
You are down to earth, comfortable with who you are and have a great ability to find joy in life. You don't take things personally, you can rebound from failure, and you go for what you want.
You are spirited and energetic. You are sunny and don't dwell on the past. You are a team player, realistic, cheerful and flexible.

Maybe these are a mixture of the two of us.

I am picking up my wedding dress & rehearsal dinner dress this weekend. My mom, Fayth, Jackie, & all the girls (Bonnie, Kristen, Natalie, Georgia, & Paige), all have their dresses.
This Thursday we will finalize on the tuxes for Daniel & the guys (Joe, JB, & Jerrod).
My brother will wear his dress blues during the ceremony.

Kevin MacDonald is our DJ, so we have been finalizing playlists and making final decisions on special songs.

We're still folding roses, and we're mailing out our invitations in a week!

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