Monday, September 22, 2008

Candy, topiaries, & Dr. Wily

I purchased all the candy for the candy buffet yesterday. Remember, we have various glass jars for our candy buffet table! These candies will be in the different jars, all unwrapped (except for the caramel cubes), with candy scoops and bags for people to fill up. There will also be labels for each jar that says what it is. I think we've got something for everyone!
Sour patch kids, caramel cubes, old fashioned candy sticks in banana & butterscotch (mmm! my fav!), m&ms (in dark brown, brown, & plum!! called the 'fall mix'), york peppermint patties, 3musketeers, peppermint puffs, whoppers (daniel's fav), twizzlers, peanut butter pillows (they are gold!!), and of course, Heath Bars (since Daniel's middle name is heath..& they are only the best candy bars around).
I can't wait to set it all up! But I won't be able to until nov. 14th, the night before the wedding...This will be set up in the library at the Manor House.
I spent less than $100 for all this candy! I got most of it from Target (and the candy sticks & pb pillows from Cracker Barrel). I couldn't believe the sales Target had on candy, since Halloween is just around the I stocked up! We probably have more than we need, but leftovers can be given away to family, friends, & coworkers. (They definitely won't be going home with us!)
I was originally going to order all the candy from, but the prices were crazy and the choices were limited. If I bought from CW, I would have spent probably 3x as much, plus shipping (I did the math)...yikes! So, this is a fun and cheap way to do favors! Get your jars & candy, candy scoops, & you're set!

Here I am making some more centerpieces. We're finally done with them..more photos to come!

Dr. Wily is bored with all this wedding planning stuff going on. He really wants to play with all those rose balls and ribbons..but he just isn't allowed...:( Poor Dr. Wily.

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